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Is the Great Australian Dream more achievable since the Coronavirus pandemic?

  Live your dream in Greater Hume Of the many ‘new normals’ in a post-Covid world, working remotely definitely seems to be one of the more positive. Many city dwellers have found that they can achieve even more than just the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of buying their own home, by moving to regional Australia and enjoying their very own Country Change.   It’s now easier than ever to...

Unexpected opportunities in Riverina towns highlight the benefits of regional living

Lifelong learning allows Lockhart local to find new drive   An abundance of advantages weighed the scales heavily in favour of a Country Change to Lockhart for Jon Bartolo and his family. “It was amazing how many boxes this town ticks!” he said.   Lockhart – a Country Changer’s Goldmine Lockhart Shire truly is a Country Changer’s gold mine. Under the guise of a quiet quintessential country town, Lockhart...

Tumbarumba: a place to call home no matter where you’re from

Snowy Valleys: a place to call home no matter where you’re from

For the Southwell family, a toddler and a newborn were no barrier to making a Country Change from the coastal city of Batemans Bay. Having both grown up in regional areas, Tom and Helle Southwell were keen to make a move that would give their boys the same lifestyle and opportunities they enjoyed growing up. Returning to Helle’s hometown of Tumbarumba for a Christmas...