Welcome To Bland Shire!

August 11, 2021

Welcome To Bland Shire!

If you’re looking to live the dream, you can’t go past a Country Change to Bland Shire Council!

Bland Shire offers:

- A relaxed, country lifestyle for families with young children to enjoy the Bland Shire’s arts, culture, heritage, and natural environment

- Great location for business opportunities to work remotely, work from home or start a business from already established premises in the Bland Shire. Or to be part of the many existing businesses in the Shire to grow your career.

- Friendly and welcoming community where you can get involved in many groups e.g. charity groups, sporting groups, art groups, history groups, cultural groups and many more.

If you’re dreaming of life in the vibrant regions of the Riverina or Murray, visit Country Change for more information or contact us to help guide your own Country Change!

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