What options do I have for work? Is it easy to find employment?
Explore a wealth of employment opportunities in the dynamic Riverina and Murray regions. With a flourishing job market and a vibrant business environment, your chances of finding work or launching a business are excellent. Individuals of all backgrounds are in demand, making it the perfect time to explore opportunities at www.JobsRiverinaMurray.com.au. Connect with employers and highlight your skills and expertise by uploading your CV directly on the site.
Is there support for small business owners and start-ups?
Absolutely! Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in many towns, extending beyond traditional sectors. Today, regional innovation goes far beyond agricultural technology. If you have a business idea you want to develop and a desire to invest, the Riverina and Murray regions offer integral ingredients for empowering business success: competitive operating costs, a highly-skilled and naturally innovative workforce, work-life balance, vibrant regional towns, world-class infrastructure hubs, easy access to airports for daily flights to Sydney, and robust digital connectivity.

Take your business ambitions further with access to opportunities in key markets, whether it's Sydney, throughout Australia, the Asian region, or anywhere in the world. Government support, combined with competitive operating costs and a wealth of resources, positions the Riverina and Murray regions as ideal places for startups. Explore opportunities for grants and funding at RDA Riverina and RDA Murray.
What is the cost of living like in the Riverina and Murray Regions?
When you buy a home here, you’re getting a lot more for your money than just a nice house to live in. What you’re really investing in is a lifestyle. Here in the Riverina and Murray, you'll find a haven where financial pressures ease. Affordable and spacious homes define the essence of our region, contributing to a stress-free lifestyle. The Riverina and Murray way of life offers a unique blend of affordability and comfort.

Want to know what your potential new town has to offer? Each place featured on our Country Change website also has a list of median housing prices and average rent. It also includes information about population. Or read more on housing here.


What are the schooling options? And are they any good?
Your children are assured access to excellent educational institutions in the Riverina Murray region. Schools in this area provide quality education, with many consistently achieving high academic standards and fostering a supportive learning environment.

In addition to academic achievement, the Riverina Murray region places a strong emphasis on developing well-rounded individuals. Schools actively encourage participation in extracurricular activities, promoting a comprehensive approach to education that extends beyond the classroom. This commitment to a diverse range of experiences contributes to the overall growth and development of students.

The dedication to inclusive education is a distinctive feature of schools in the Riverina Murray region. Tailored support services are in place to address the diverse needs of students, including special education programs, gifted and talented programs and a wealth of resources. This ensures that every student, regardless of their individual challenges, can thrive both academically and socially.

When it comes to tertiary education, the Riverina Murray region offers a variety of high-quality options. Universities, vocational education and training (VET) institutions, and other higher education providers are readily available. This convenience provides a diverse range of choices for higher education, ensuring that students can pursue their academic and career goals within the region.

Health Services

What is access to healthcare like in the Riverina and Murray?
There is a comprehensive range of medical services and facilities available and accessible healthcare in the Riverina and Murray regions. Services range from hospitals, Multi-Purpose Services, Community Health Centres and Community Mental Health Centres, ensuring that residents have access to both primary and specialised care.

In addition to traditional health care providers, the Riverina Murray region also emphasises community health initiatives, promoting wellness and preventive care. Residents can benefit from a variety of health promotion programs, screenings, and educational resources aimed at fostering a healthy lifestyle. Telehealth services are also available, providing residents with convenient options for virtual consultations when needed.

Whether it is routine check-ups, specialised treatments, or preventive measures, the region's health care landscape is designed to support the well-being of its residents. Want to know what your potential new town has to offer? Each place featured on our Country Change website also has a list of their local medical facilities and services, including allied health professionals and aged care.


Will I be cut off from my friends and family?
Not only are new residents of the Riverina and Murray welcomed by the regions’ friendly community spirit, but they often report that the relationships with their friends and family back home actually became stronger and more meaningful after the move.

Perfectly situated between Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, the Riverina and Murray regions are especially convenient for people who have friends and family in more than one city. Not only does this mean that you will be more likely to visit a larger number of your loved ones, but it also means that more of the people you care about could see how great life here is – and hey, they might even decide to make the move as well!
Isn’t living in the country an isolating choice?
Quite the opposite! Everyone knows each other in a regional town and moving to the Riverina and Murray is likely to give your social life a boost. New residents are welcomed by the region’s friendly community spirit and find themselves enjoying all the extra time and energy that locals have for one another. And with the help of the National Broadband Network, we are living in an age where geographical remoteness no longer equates to isolation.
I don’t have a car. How will I get around?
Like in the city, regional towns are equipped with public transport. However, with everything you need so close to home, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself walking or riding your bike around town!

Planning your move

How do I commence the planning for my country change?
Knowing where to start is one of the biggest challenges country changers face. If you know you are ready to move to the country our Country Change representatives based in the Riverina and Murray are here to help. Deciding where you want to be is the first step.
We recommend:
you shortlist the Riverina towns on the Country Change website (you will be spoilt with options). Also review Destination Riverina Murray, Jobs Riverina-Murray, Riverina Murray Real Estate to create a shortlist. If you need help, simply contact Country Change, or request an info pack on the Riverina and Murray.
you arrange a visit to your favourite Riverina and Murray towns guided by a Country Change representative. We can show you around schools, entertainment options, infrastructure, job networks, real estate.
you move to the country with confidence! Country Change exists to help make the move to the country easier for you. You’ll be supported all the way (and our service is completely free) More information.

Making the move

I have a young family and career to grow. How can I manage a country change that fulfills all these needs?
If you’re looking for a rewarding career plus great lifestyle that enables a balance between work and family, then the Riverina and Murray have many thriving towns that will accommodate your dynamic family needs. Quality early childhood education support, a diverse range of primary, secondary, and tertiary education options, friendly connected community infrastructure and activities for all ages, reliable digital connectivity, easy access to capital cities, healthcare support etc.

However, for the move to be successful the essential ingredient is to ensure it is a shared dream by everyone considering the change. Acknowledge the concerns of all family members by talking to a Country Change representative and identify what is available to assist them to fulfil their dreams. With affordable housing, a laid-back lifestyle, and the essential services you need all covered, the only thing missing is a long daily commute. If this excites your Country Change appetite, then it’s time to plan a visit to the Riverina and Murray.