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The magazine showcases local Riverina tree changer experiences and promotes the key benefits of choosing this great region as a new home base.

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Have you always dreamed of moving to the country? Escaping the city stress to improve all aspects of your life including your health and finances? Country Change is an initiative by RDA Riverina, to help people just like you, interested in a tree change, make the right decision. Whether you’re searching for jobs and business opportunities in the Riverina, a great regional university and career pathways, looking for affordable housing, or the best town in Australia, we’re here to help you research the right Country Change!

Already convinced moving from the city to a smaller town or evo city is the best life choice, but just need to decide where in the Riverina you should settle? Check out our interactive map to explore the vast and varied landscapes of our beautiful region. Or download our handy guide below.

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Country Change Guide for Relocating 2020

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Case Studies

Tobias and Amy Lehmann

Young, tree-changing foodies running a farming startup in Greater Hume
I feel like we’ve really been welcomed into an amazing little community, and I think we could grow old here.

Claire and Ken Walsh

Downsized their expenses to live a richer life in the Murrumbidgee
It’s always nice to come back to the country because it’s got so much more to offer, with so many more options for the kids in a lot of ways.

Rob and Kristy Vergano

Owners of 6 affordable acres in Junee
We haven’t looked back and we’ve told several of our friends to come and enjoy this lifestyle with us.

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