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March 28, 2022
March 5, 2024

Country Change is excited to launch the Autumn 2022 edition of our magazine!

The magazine showcases local Riverina tree changer experiences and promotes the key benefits of choosing this great region as a new home base.The Autumn 2022 Country Change magazine is a collaborative publication under the Country Change campaign, led by Regional Development Australia (RDA), Riverina. The program raises awareness of the region to attract people looking for a country change and new opportunities in business.As well as some heartwarming messages from locals, you will also read about business opportunities, development plans, housing estate releases and education and medical facilities available. What is clear is some of the main messages people from the cities are attracted to the Riverina is our lower housing costs and a more robust lifestyle and work/life balance.“More than ever, people are reassessing their choice to live in cities. They want space, freedom and more connection and the Riverina offers that and much more,” said RDA Riverina’s Chief Executive Officer, Rachel Whiting.

Some of the main messages attracting people from the cities are lower housing costs, a more robust lifestyle and work/life balance.“We know from research that 77% of country changers want a sense of more space. Another 77% wanted to connect with the natural environment and 75% were seeking overall improved wellbeing. Throw in the fast-growing business opportunities here and people see it as a ‘no brainer’,” said Ms Whiting.For many potential tree changers, concerns about employment options can be front of mind. However, with a growing acceptance of remote working conditions many people are finding they can keep their jobs and still live the life they desire.“A number of country changers have brought their jobs with them but there is also plenty of work right across the Riverina for those wishing to work locally,” said Ms Whiting. “There is also the potential to develop your own business with a supportive business network.”

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