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April 7, 2022
March 5, 2024

Integrating heart, home and happiness

Kerry Cornes has worn many hats in her lifetime, across many industries. From floristry, working in banking, airlines, admin, reservations, snow ski resort customer service and even a dump truck operator in the mines, none have compared to the newest hat she has donned in her new town, Leeton.Moving from Eleebana, Lake Macquarie in 2019 with her husband and two boys (aged 14 and 10 at the time) her family was seeking a greater connection and time together. Her husband, an inspector in the NSW Police Force, was often required to travel and spend long days away. They knew the only way to avoid the disconnection was to seek a quieter lifestyle in the country.“Leeton in the Riverina, was chosen as it was not too big or small, it was close to the larger towns of Griffith and Wagga, and would give our children a chance to live with less chaos,” said Kerry.“I think I’m very diverse and flexible, so it wasn’t hard to get work at all. I wanted a job that fitted in with the family, so I picked up a casual job at Woolworths. It worked out very well but then I was offered a job at Kendells, a clothing, shoes and accessories store in Leeton and Griffith.”Despite being content with her role, a chance spotting by her internet-shopper hubby, led her on the path of her dream position - a business owner!“My husband was looking through Gumtree one day (probably for jousting sticks!) and noticed the only shopfront florist in Leeton was for sale. After some discussion, we purchased the business and it has thrived, almost one year on!” she said.

Country Change Arbour And Ivy Flowers Kerry Leeton
Photo of Kerry's shop Arbour And Ivy Flowers and her dog Brian

“Overall, the move has been positive – we bought a house on 3.5 acres, put a pool in, made a dirt bike track, got some Alpacas, chooks, orchard and a veggie garden!

Country Change Kerry Leeton backyard
Photo of Kerry's backyard with pool in Leeton, NSW and her family's new hobbies including motorbike and buggy riding.

While she admits COVID has been hard on the family, it has helped having a supportive community around her.“The community has been so welcoming and friendly. Everyone waves in the car, even if they don’t know you. Property prices are a lot lower. It’s a big sporting town, so our boys have fitted into the local comps. It takes 5 mins to get up the street and it's easy to get a park!“Since buying the business, it has helped me integrate in the community a lot more. I know so many people now and feel so included in local events and activities. The people are so beautiful here and have supported me wholeheartedly in my business. I get so many positive comments daily on how beautiful the shop is, and that I bring a new dynamic,” said Kerry.Beyond spending more time together, they are able to connect with old and new hobbies including motorbike and buggy riding, as well as socialising with new friends and exploring the region.

Hot Air Baloon Event Leeton SunRice Festival photo Leah Smith
Photo from the hot air balloon event at Leeton SunRice Festival Photo credit Leah Smith

“Our advice on moving to Leeton? Do it! It’s a more relaxed lifestyle and easy to fit into such a well rounded town.

Follow Kerry’s business journey on social media:@arbourandivyflowers #arbourandivyflowers

You can read more about Leeton here, or speak with a local Council representative about what a move could look like for you! Michelle Evans - Economic and Strategic Development Manager, 02 6953 0994,

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