Childcare Webinar With Coolamon Childcare Manager Renae Robertson

September 16, 2020

Childcare Webinar With Coolamon Childcare Manager Renae Robertson

In this webinar, we are covering the topic childcare in Coolamon and the Riverina.

Renae Robertson, manager of Coolamon Early Childhood Centre is sharing her story of how she got into childcare, the advantages of living in a smaller community, job opportunities in the childcare sector and what to do in Coolamon and the Riverina.


Coolamon Shire is located in the Riverina region of NSW, just a short detour off the Olympic, Sturt or Newell Highways. The largest town within the Shire being Coolamon with smaller towns of Ardlethan and Ganmain and villages of Beckom, Matong and Marrar. Towns and villages are supported by proud and passionate communities boasting their own charm and unique qualities.


Median house price - $292,000

Rent average - Three bed-room house: $280pw


Temperature range is 15° to 40°C in summer and 1° to 14°C in winter.


Distance from cities Sydney – 470km

Canberra – 255km

Melbourne – 480km


Renae Robertson Coolamon Early Childhood Centre - Manager  |

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