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October 14, 2021
March 5, 2024

A tree change journey from India

Jagjit Singh, always had a dream of living in a small town and working on cars. Growing up in regional Nakodar, a district in Jalandhar, Punjab, north India, his heart’s desire was to one day return to a quieter lifestyle after relocating to Australia with his wife.“I came to Australia in 2014 on a student spousal visa, as my wife always wanted to finish her master's degree in Information Technology in Australia,” said Jagjit. “After my wife finished, I decided to fulfil my dream... So I enrolled in Certificate 3 in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology.”

Completing his studies in early 2021, they started chasing their next dream - relocating out of the city. “I started looking for a job in my field and I found quite a few jobs in the automotive industry in a few regional areas of NSW - and Griffith was one of them. I started researching and I finally chose Griffith as a new place to relocate for two major reasons.

First, I came to know that there are all sorts of essential facilities are available, which I was looking for. Secondly, Griffith comes under NSW regional area and I wanted to avail myself the opportunity to get a 491 visa nomination through RDA Riverina by living and working in the regional area, as it will help me to get my provisional permanent residency,” he said.

Wine Tastings with friends at Calabria Family Wines, Griffith - Photo credit - Destination NSW
Wine Tastings with friends at Calabria Family Wines, Griffith - Photo credit - Destination NSW

Besides the reduced traffic, the couple also found it very easy to assimilate into the community and find a job. Just days after applying online, Jagjit received a reply from his now employer, Sivewright Automotive, and within three weeks, began his full-time role!

“It's a very good place to live as people here are very nice and helpful compared to metropolitan cities. In addition to that, the majority of my community lives here, so I don’t feel like I am away from my home as it reminds me about my hometown back home as there is not much difference between living in my hometown and Griffith because they are quite similar.

“Overall I would like to say, finding a job in “Griffith” was much easier and quicker than finding a job in Melbourne,” he added.But despite the easy run, he admits he had his doubts over the move. “Before I moved to Griffith, I had quite a few questions and doubts in my mind of what life will be like living in a regional area and if I could settle down or not, since I had always lived in Melbourne for the last 7 years. So I was not sure if my decision was right or wrong as I was used to Metropolitan life. But after I moved here and when I came across Griffith community people, I felt very good as people here in the countryside are very nice and care for each other. It did not take me much time to settle down here.

The famous anna Lane Murals in Griffith
The famous anna Lane Murals in Griffith

Now I am glad to say that my decision to choose Griffith as moving was one of the best decisions and I found this move as a positive change in my life. In my free time, I mostly go to our local Sikh temple in town and gardening is one of my new hobbies, which I have picked up after moving here.”

The advice he and his wife offer for those considering a move is not unlike many other Country Changers before them…

“Moving to Griffith, Riverina region and living in the country is very beneficial as you always save a lot of money comparing to living in metropolitan cities like Melbourne and Sydney, commuting time for going from one place to another place is less as there is no traffic at all,” said Jagjit.

View from Scenic Hill, Griffith - Photo by Karly Sivewright
View from Scenic Hill, Griffith - Photo by Karly Sivewright

Jagjit and his wife hope to apply for the 491 Visa so they can call Griffith their forever home. “Griffith was one of the best decisions in my life. I really hope that I will live here for the rest of my life.”

If you’d like more information about a Country Change to Griffith, read more here, or contact us directly for further support.

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