Dream big. Plan smart. Why Griffith businesses are set for success

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January 21, 2019
March 5, 2024

Boredom in the country - not an option

Why Griffith is the place for business growth and beauty

We have a myth to dispel and it may shock you. Country life is far from boring. In fact, if you choose it, your life and career, could get a ‘big buzz’ injection.So let us introduce you to Griffith.

Griffith is a thriving regional city in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area - in the western part of the Riverina region. This cosmopolitan gem is a shining light of country life - boasting great cultural richness and agricultural diversity that metro locations envy.

The population of Griffith itself is 26,000, servicing an area in excess of 50,000 people. And it’s growing, with the 15-year population projection to tip over the 30,500 mark. There are over 70 nationalities represented across the population, which has contributed to the town’s diverse and vibrant local economy, food and wine industries, and the thriving cultural scene.

A survey conducted by Bernard Salt and the team from The Demographics Group concluded that Griffith is one of the most livable country destinations in Australia. Yes, it’s a big call - but after a comprehensive evaluation of Census 2016 data, and applying criteria for just the right population, above-average income and below-average unemployment, as well as indicators of demographic and economic diversity - Griffith came up trumps.

This is excellent news for families considering relocating from the humdrum of city life, making the trade for the idyllic country surrounds of a place that offers great education options, enviable community facilities, business opportunities, and a friendly welcoming community. Griffith offers a unique, indulgent and affordable lifestyle for anyone interested in a change of pace.

As the agricultural powerhouse of the Riverina region, it’s likely that you’ve already sampled some of Griffith’s finest and you may not even know it. The town is renowned for its excellence in all kinds of agricultural food production, from dryland cropping to rice, cereals, sweet citrus, wine grapes, stone fruit, and an abundance of other vegetables.

And the adventurous spirit within the agricultural community has seen the array of production extend even further into almonds, walnuts, chicken, murray cod, olives, and cotton, with innovative manufacturing processes to match.

And speaking of Griffith’s finest, the mediterranean-like climate has resulted in a prosperous wine industry that calls the town home. The Riverina is the largest wine producing region in New South Wales - a little known, but very exciting fun fact for the wine enthusiasts out there. Several well-known family wineries have established estates in the area, including Casella Family Brands (based in Yenda, one of Griffith’s surrounding villages), along with De Bortoli Wines, Calabria Family Wines, McWilliams Wines and Warburn Estate, among several boutique wineries.

The reason all this is great news for country changers, is that the exciting variety of food and beverage production has given rise to an overflow of newly created jobs, as well as some of the most dynamic and high quality cultural events in the country...so you won’t be missing out when it comes to new and exciting family experiences. Rewind in the Vines, Griffith Easter Party, Griffith SpringFest, The Citrus Sculptures, Griffith Shaheedi Tournament and Griffith Festa del Salsicce e Salami (and even more regular events in an overflowing calendar) bring a host of family fun and treasured memories.

And you’ll never be short of a place to head out for a bite to eat or celebrate, with over 40 eating houses across town, as well as year-round Taste Riverina events, including the Heritage Gourmet Dinner Train, the Piccolo Family Farm Long Lunch and Music Festivals, and Little Italy’s range of locally produced delights.

So what about housing? The real estate market is reason alone to consider a country change. There’s lots to choose from in Griffith, from established houses, to acreages, options to build new, and even options for those thinking of downsizing. The median monthly mortgage is $1,500, still well below the state average of $1,986. In stark contrast to the city, this is one place where the dream of owning your home is still very achievable...and not just any home - here you’ll get heaps more for way less and all just five minutes from the CBD.

While Griffith is appealing, there’s more than meets the eye. It’s a place of substance and shared vision for the future. If we had to sum it up in just a few words, we’d say that Griffith embodies diversity, innovation, adventure and opportunity… and we know that you’ll simply love it here.

Now is the perfect time to explore this exciting counry-change option. Check out job opportunities here, and more about living in Griffith here. And in the meantime, start planning your first visit right here… it’s time to dream big - and it’s all just a click away.

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