Temora Real Estate Webinar

October 5, 2020

Temora Real Estate Webinar

Are you thinking of making a future Country Change to Temora?

In this webinar, our social media assistant Yenny Stromgren is interviewing QPL Rural Real Estate agent Lachlan Pellow, who gives his advice on what to think about when thinking of moving to a regional area.

A Temora local for over 20 years, Lachlan's knowledge of the area and surrounding towns are built through long relationships with sport and community groups.

Lachlan is also sharing the joy of living in 'the friendliest town' in NSW, his hobbies and what to do in Temora and the Riverina.LIVING & HOUSINGMedian house priceHouses (three-bedroom) – $250,000Median monthly mortgage repayments  – $1,148Rent average$175CLIMATETemora has four distinct seasons, perfect for enjoying the region.Summer temperatures range from the mid-20s to the high 30s/ early 40s.Winter temperatures range from zero to high teens.TRANSPORTDistance from cities: 80km to Wagga Wagga, 425km to Sydney, 210km to Canberra, 540km to Melbourne

If you’re dreaming of life in the vibrant regions of the Riverina or Murray, visit Country Change for more information or contact us to help guide your own Country Change!

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