Is the Great Australian Dream more achievable since the Coronavirus pandemic?

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April 16, 2021
March 5, 2024

Live your dream in Greater Hume

Of the many ‘new normals’ in a post-Covid world, working remotely definitely seems to be one of the more positive. Many city dwellers have found that they can achieve even more than just the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of buying their own home, by moving to regional Australia and enjoying their very own Country Change.It’s now easier than ever to satisfy both lifestyle and career ambitions in one go. Regional real estate can be bought for a fraction of city prices, with REA Insights declaring an accelerated interest in this property market. Continuing, or pivoting, a career remotely has also proven practicable, thanks to COVID-inspired experimentation. Since the pandemic, opportunities to work online have skyrocketed and this has allowed more people than ever to pursue careers that are location independent.

Why move from the city?

For new Henty couple, Ben and Izu Hooper, Sydney living just didn’t make sense. Although they approached it with commitment and optimism, the day-to-day living expenses, traffic, and crowds soon started to take their toll. “I wanted space and to purchase a home which wouldn’t put such a financial strain on us,” Ben reflected, “I wanted a place I could pay off in five or ten years,” he added. Unsurprisingly, this was not a goal the couple could achieve in the city, so they began to look further afield.

Hooper family enjoying Greater Hume

Fulfilling housing dreams in Greater Hume

Identifying both Albury and Wagga Wagga as growing centres, the pair decided that somewhere halfway between them would be most suitable as each location was very accessible. A quick look at a map shows Henty in just such a location along the A41/Mid-Western Highway. And the Greater Hume Shire allowed their real estate dollar to go a lot further than it ever would have in Northwest Sydney.

Recent data by PRD Research has proven that the Hooper’s foresight and planning were spot-on. Recently naming Greater Hume as one of the Top 10 Affordable Regional Areas in 2021 in its Stand Out Regions report. Deeming the Shire “to be affordable, with solid fundamentals for sustainable future growth.”If you’re interested in affordable housing options, make sure to get in touch with the Country Change team to find out more about the Greater Hume shire.

Fulfilling business dreams in Greater Hume

Ben and Izu are the Principal Designers at Studio Zube, an Animation, Graphic & Motion Design company offering comprehensive graphic and digital design services. Even though their business is suited to online clientele, the couple really enjoys creating for local enterprises, and their handiwork can be seen throughout the region.“The support the community gives local businesses is really advantageous, said Ben. The Greater Hume Shire promotes ‘Buy local’, and most people around town stick to this. They understand the value of a local business, and most support it,” he explains.

Living outside the local township means the family doesn’t have the same access to high-speed internet that they would have in the city. However, Ben and Izu were still able to work effectively from home. With the NBN available in town, fast internet service is readily available.

According to the Regional Australia Council 2031 (RAC2031), a growing number of Australian corporations are dedicated to providing additional support to regional towns. A part of this commitment is the continuation of remote work and flexible workplace options for staff, making it much easier to live and work outside of the major metropolitan areas.Head of corporate affairs at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Lauren Andrews, observed in an ABC News article that, “Big careers and big businesses don’t have to revolve around big cities.” Having pursued her own career in a country area, she has proven this to be true. So, it’s not just small businesses that thrive in regional towns.

Fulfilling family dreams in Greater Hume

With three young children, having more family time together was also important to Ben and Izu. Of the children, Ben said, “They are doing very well at school and in local sporting teams, and they have a very strong network of friends of all different ages.” Having the opportunity for these interactions can be difficult in the city, where constraints on time and money are heightened. “We do things as a family more than we did in the city,” he added.If you want to Live Well - live a greater life in Greater Hume. Click to find out more about the opportunities in our shire.

Fulfilling social dreams in Greater Hume

Like many Country Changers, the Hoopers were impressed by how welcoming their new community has been. Ben explained, “The biggest change [from life in the city] is the sense of community we feel. We have been welcomed by the local town and really feel like we are valued amongst the community.”Finding people with similar values has allowed the family to quickly build a supportive social network. “It is safe here, and most people in town know each other and look out for each other. Kids of all ages get along, and the big kids look after the little kids,” said Ben.

Fulfilling outdoor dreams in Greater Hume

As a nature-loving family, the Hooper’s wanted to settle somewhere they could easily escape to the outdoors or a national park for a weekend. Henty, being so close to the Victorian High Country and many other beautiful natural locations, provides that.The countryside promotes an active lifestyle. With access to great golf courses, bike riding, sporting clubs and facilities and no crowds, it’s no wonder people are leaving the cities for the Riverina. “You also get a sense of all four seasons, which we love,” Ben expressed. “There is such a dramatic change between summer and winter. And autumn and spring are just beautiful here,” he added.

HMAS Otway, Holbrook Greater Hume (Photo credit Simon Dallinger)
HMAS Otway, Holbrook Greater Hume (Photo credit Simon Dallinger

Make sure to click through to find out how you can make your Great Australian Dream a reality in Greater Hume by living or investing in the area.

Make your dreams come true in the Riverina.

While misconceptions about life in regional Australia might still linger, Ben and Izu have found that “the benefits far outweigh any negatives you may preconceive.” For anyone considering a Country Change, they want to emphasise the dramatic increase in the quality of their family life and advise, “You have nothing to lose to try it. Now that working remotely has become the new normal, there is no better time to do it.”

If you’re ready to create your own ‘new normal’ in the country, contact us to find out how Australia’s regional Riverina can turn your dream into reality.

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