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October 1, 2017
March 5, 2024

Thriving region leaves gap wide open for job seekers and entrepreneurs

If you think about the kinds of business and employment opportunities in regional Australia, what comes to mind? Selling apples from the trees on your property? Farming livestock and produce? This association is totally understandable, as the Startup world, innovation and entrepreneurship are all synonymous with big, bustling cities, and go hand-in-hand with a high-stress and hectic lifestyle.

However, things are not always what they seem…

Not only does the Riverina have the third lowest unemployment rate in Australia, but thanks to advances in technology and generous government investment, there has never been a better time to look for work or start a business in the Riverina. Today, there’s much more to regional innovation than agricultural technology, and the Riverina business community is striving to create 100 new startups in the region by 2020.

While the Riverina remains one of Australia’s main food producing regions, we are living in an age where geographical remoteness no longer equates to isolation, and the rollout of the National Broadband Network means that regional residents are able to seek opportunities in the digital economy, and it’s being widely supported.

There is also great support coming from the New South Wales Government, which helps Regional Development Australia by providing access to financial and other assistance to develop regional projects. There are numerous government services for businesses wanting to launch or expand in the Riverina. The new $1 million Future Towns Program will support up to 20 regional towns to help their small businesses become digital-ready following the rollout of the NBN.

Some of the many benefits of launching your business in the Riverina include: much shorter commutes, more free time to spend with the family or socialising, and the ability to enjoy a more active lifestyle. With several airports connecting regional towns with Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, launching your business in the Riverina doesn’t mean you’re cut off from urban centres either. You might even choose to enjoy the scenic, 4-hour drive from Cootamundra to Sydney - road trip, anyone?!

The startup tribe is growing rapidly, and it’s fair to say that the Riverina is the birthplace of regional entrepreneurship. Right now, it’s Australia’s ‘land of opportunity,’ where there lies great potential for many new businesses to ‘crop up’ over the next few years. The question is, what are you waiting for?

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