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February 13, 2019
March 5, 2024

7 ‘Greater’ reasons to make a Country Change this year

Education options, jobs, business opportunities, red-tape reduction for startups, and less mortgage stress, all within an easy drive to the conveniences of two major regional cities.

So where is Greater Hume? This Shire is conveniently located between New South Wales’ two biggest inland regional cities, Wagga Wagga and Albury, in the southern Riverina region. The Shire of 10,509 people is comprised of five towns - Henty, Culcairn, Walla Walla, Jindera, and Holbrook - and six villages, which presents a diverse array of choice and opportunity for country changers taking up the chance to live the life they’ve been wanting.

If the pressures of city life have been getting to you lately, here’s the opportunity of a lifetime to swap all of that for the better life you’ve been daydreaming about on those long commutes. Families will love all that Greater Hume Shire has to offer - so here’s a quick snapshot of a greater life in the Greater Hume, and the seven reasons why you should seriously consider a country change this year:

1. More family time:

Feeling guilty about having no time with your kids? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But now is your moment to change all that - and this is one of the big reasons you’ll love living in the Greater Hume. Commute times are vastly less than what you’re currently experiencing in the city, even for those who travel to nearby Wagga Wagga or Albury for work. As an example, a scenic drive from Henty, one of the northern towns in the Shire, to Wagga Wagga will take about 40 minutes.

So you’ll be home earlier, leave later, and also cut down on the need for long hours of childcare to compensate. Your kids will love you, and you’ll love the extra time with them.

2. Education options:

Not happy with the school allocated for your residential zone? If you’re looking for a location that offers more choice with the same high quality options, Greater Hume is one place you’ll find it. Across its five towns and six villages, it boasts four pre-schools, 10 public and five private primary schools, as well as one public and two private secondary schools. There are also out of school hours (OOSH) care and Family Daycare options readily available.

For those considering ongoing education, or a career change, Riverina TAFE and Charles Sturt University each have campuses in both Wagga Wagga and Albury, as well as another TAFE location further south in Wodonga. La Trobe University also has a campus in Albury/Wodonga.

3. Job opportunities:

Stuck in a job that’s going nowhere and sucking vital energy and time away from you? Greater Hume boasts a variety of job opportunities to take your career to the next level.

The agricultural sector is the economic engine room of the area, with employment options across agribusiness, contracting, specialist farming operations, veterinary and technician jobs, and trade-related business. There’s also opportunities within the manufacturing industries, health and aged care, education, food service, retail, and local Council. Unemployment is low, with opportunities for those in established careers, or those looking to re-enter the workforce. Jobs Riverina is the perfect source for those looking to get a jump on the opportunities within the Greater Hume.

4. Startup incentives:

Is your startup idea drowning in red tape before you can even begin?If you’re looking to start a business in the hospitality industry, you might not find a better opportunity that this one. Greater Hume Shire Council is a member of the Easy To Do Business Program, which concentrates on cutting red tape for startups, reducing the application lead time for business from 18 months down to just three months (not to mention the financial savings).

The Greater Hume towns of Holbrook and Jindera both have exceptional lots of industrial land available, with opportunities for direct highway access, and good proximity to Albury-Wodonga. The Shire sits conveniently located on trade routes between Melbourne (approx. 390 km from Holbrook) and Sydney (approx. 490 km from Sydney), which presents excellent facilities for businesses reliant upon logistics and freight, or businesses looking for more room to expand.

5. Real estate - more for less:

Housing slowdown starting to get just a bit too close for comfort? The shrinking real estate market has more than a few city-dwellers squirming in their overpriced, under-sized living rooms, so you’re not alone.

If the squeeze is getting a bit much, consider what you’d be able to afford in Greater Hume for way less...maybe an extra bedroom, a second bathroom, a bigger living room, or even an additional living space for the kids?

Perhaps it’ll be more space outside for a healthier lifestyle? A place where you’d finally be able to get that puppy your kids have been nagging for? And speaking of pets, if you’re a horse lover, Greater Hume is just the right place with its thriving equine culture scene.

Downsizers will also appreciate the real estate options, with new estates opening up to build, or plenty of low-maintenance houses on the market for those seeking a simpler lifestyle.

6. Sporting culture:

Do you live with a sports nut? Or maybe you’re wondering how you’re going to find the time and the resources to foster your kids’ sporting abilities? Whether it’s AFL, golf, swimming, or tennis - there’s plenty of sports and recreation options to keep everyone in the family occupied and pursuing their passions. And plenty of scope for your kids to thrive in their chosen code. And the best part is you don’t have to drive halfway around the world to get them there each week.

7. Convenience:

Are you worried you’d have to trade off your favourite coffee haunt for the country life? Or forego the best places to gather and go out with friends? The towns and villages across Greater Hume boast many local eateries and cafes, along with a boutique variety of locally produced beverages. Cool climate riesling, chardonnay and merlot are all produced within the Greater Hume at Flyfaire Wines sustainable, low chemical and low carbon winery. And don’t worry - our region’s many cafes and eateries get rave reviews for their coffee too!

So whether it’s a place for your family to grow and thrive, a better job or business opportunity, or a way to ease the pressures of day to day life, Greater Hume is a place where you’ll find the lifestyle you’ve been wanting for your future.

If you’re seriously considering a country change, why not book in a visit to Greater Hume, or get in touch with one of our friendly locals for a personal look at why Greater Hume area could be the perfect choice for your home.

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