Rolling the dice on a Coolamon Country Change

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November 25, 2021
March 5, 2024

The 10,000 mile gamble that paid off

Imagine relocating your life, two children and career to a country town on the other side of the world? A country town that you had never been to and where you didn’t know a soul.Well, for Greg and Anna Glide, this gamble from 10,000 miles away, ended up being the bravest and best gamble of their lives.“We did not know anyone from the Riverina so we had to do our homework from Canada before we left,” said Anna, who is originally from Victoria.

L: Coolamon Main Street. R: There are plenty of bike and walking tracks in the Coolamon Shire, Photo Credit Matt

“Greg spent a lot of time on the computer and looking at surrounding areas and reading the reviews. He also watched a number of videos and decided on Coolamon. We wanted a quiet country town to raise our two girls that was close proximity to Wagga. Coolamon fit our needs and so far, the experience has been everything we could have imagined. We had to pick where we wanted to live from 10,000 miles away and that was stressful, however we certainly made the right choice,” she added.

Coolamon Country Roads, Photo Credit: Caroline Cattle's Photography

The family’s transition to Coolamon Shire in the Riverina, New South Wales, was made easier by Greg’s ability to find employment in Wagga. A position that not only made the move easier but came with huge benefits for their family as a whole.“Greg’s work has been terrific. He is the Chief Executive at the Wagga Harness Racing Club in Wagga. I am a stay-at-home mum for the time being and we are enjoying a more laid-back lifestyle. Greg is home every night and that is a big plus for us as a family. The community has been fantastic to us. Everyone is very kind and willing to assist with recommendations and advice for various needs,” said Anna.Along with more time together, they are able to focus on giving their kids the lifestyle they envisaged.

“We recently purchased a few ponies for our young kids. We want them to be outside and enjoying nature and the sunshine. That was another reason for a quiet country town. We want them to explore and not be in front of the TV. Greg enjoys golf and we enjoy visiting the showgrounds in Coolamon and walking through the Kindra State Forest.

”While the move, she admitted, wasn’t easy, the couple is now able to laugh about their well-researched gamble.“We are very happy and content where we are now in our lives and a big part of that is the smile on our children’s faces. Everyone in the community has been very accommodating and that’s what you get in a small town,” said Anna.

“The best advice I can give is to be open-minded because anytime you move it can be a big change. Embrace the community and attend events because that is where you will meet people and feel more comfortable. Take advantage of the local shops and buy local. It’s the best!”

Coolamon New Year Street Party

*Coolamon Country Roads, Photo Credit: Caroline Cattle's Photography, There are plenty of bike and walking tracks in the Coolamon Shire, Photo Credit Matt

If you would like to know more about Coolamon’s lifestyles, education and employment opportunities, be sure to read more here. or contact one of our Country Change team for more information. Isn’t it time you lived the dream?

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