Making a Country Change to Narrandera

December 8, 2018

Making a Country Change to Narrandera

Something Is Missing From City Life: Narrandera Inspires A Spiritual Connection

Kathy and Tony Taylor, like many people, weren’t totally happy with where they were living. They knew something important was missing, but it wasn’t until they visited Narrandera a few times, that they understood what that was. At the centre of the Riverina region, halfway between Wagga Wagga and Griffith, Narrandera is a very special place. ‘Each time we visited,’ explains Tony, ‘the people were very warm and very welcoming, and we felt as though we just wanted to be a part of what they were doing.’ So naturally, after a few visits, the Taylor’s decided to make the move to Narrandera.

What they hadn’t experienced in the other places that they’d lived, was that sense of community that just can’t be replicated in the bigger cities. This isn’t something obvious or grandiose - Narrandera’s community spirit shines through in all the little details, and is so wonderfully described by Tony. ‘When you drive around town, it’s a beautiful, clean town. You can say hello to people in the street and they’ll smile and say hello back… it’s just beautiful.’

Not only does Narrandera have a wonderful community, it also has all the modern facilities you’d find in a big city, including a marvellous hospital, great schools and several nearby universities. Kathy and Tony have found Narrandera to be a very affordable place to live, and the shire’s tiny median house price of just $190,000 is a big part of why its residents can enjoy such a great lifestyle.

Sport and recreational pursuits are an integral feature of life in Narrandera, and the shire boasts amazing parks, a newly refurbished sports stadium, and the beautiful Lake Talbot, which is always bubbling with water sports enthusiasts. In addition to a variety of sporting clubs, Narrandera has a very special boxing gym called Bidgee Boxing, where Tony has been volunteering for a couple of years. The gym is a not-for-profit aimed at providing Narrandera’s young people with a healthy focus, self-discipline, support and mentorship. ‘It’s grown in to a much bigger thing than anyone thought it would do, and it’s all been done by the community. It’s amazing to see young people doing something healthy and having a good time. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,’ said Tony.

For Kathy, one of the conditions of moving to Narrandera, was that she’d get really get involved in her fantastic new community. When she arrived in Narrandera, Kathy sent an email and applied to volunteer with Spirit FM Community Radio. ‘I am now the Production Manager and make all the commercials. I also have some slots during the week now, and I’m just loving it.’

Beyond the great facilities, affordable lifestyle and amazing community, there's still something more that Narrandera has to offer. Kathy describes it as, ‘a spiritual feeling… a connection to the land. You feel, this is home… this is my land. We love the trees, we love the river… we love the freedom.’ If this doesn’t leave you ready to make the country change, Tony and Kathy recommend you pay them a visit in Narrandera. ‘Come visit us and we’ll change your mind. You should come here… We’ll convince you!’

If you’re dreaming of life in the vibrant regions of the Riverina or Murray, visit Country Change for more information or contact us to help guide your own Country Change!

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