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A Trip Down Tree Change Lane – Part Two!

A Trip Down Tree Change Lane - Part Two! Following on from last month’s review of the year that has been, let’s take another trip down ‘tree change lane’ and hear more from our newest passionate locals who found love, purpose and their forever homes.    Trekking Quests to Habitat Preservation City-lifers, David Bray and Louise Freckelton often spent their holidays escaping to the countryside. They loved walking...

Dr Wail – Australian Citizenship Ceremony in 2019

Overseas holidays and random opportunities

How destiny’s hand guided West Wyalong’s beloved doctor duo When a random holiday nearly ten years ago presented a chance to buy a medical practice, Dr Wail Waili and Dr Huda Matrook knew it was destiny’s hand guiding them on a new path. “Our move to Australia was totally unplanned,” said Dr Waili. “We came to Australia for a holiday. The only plan was to do a...